Get it Done Right – MICKEY LLEW Knows How to Win

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) has become a competitive market. It has matured dramatically in the last 5 years with niches across the board becoming competitive.

It has never been more important to rank in Google than it is today. It also tougher than ever with thousands of factors contributing to a strong search engine position.

The top 5 search results are where you need to appear, it was the top 10 but with promotion of PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads. If you are not positioned in these places you are not being seen. That is the brutal truth!

We have established core rankings in a number of competitive areas and are well versed in getting websites to the top of Google (Position one in the search engines) Between the founding directors we have over 25 years in experience in this industry and feel we are well positioned to take your website / business to the next level.

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