Everything to Gain

Mickey Llew was founded on a very simple principle: Create and implement original, relevant solutions that work. We use a combination of highly targeted paid media and organic search strategies to direct quality traffic to your digital properties, drive conversions and ultimately grow your business.

In a space where clients are too often taken for a ride by search marketing tactics that lack transparency and fail to deliver desired results – Mickey Llew stands apart. We’re results-driven, in everything we do. We don’t do generic anything.

We’re a team of world-class specialists in paid and organic search marketing technologies and tactics. Every member of our team shares a fierce commitment to adding value through what they do.

As an owner-run business, we truly take on your business goals as our own. We work with you to create custom performance-driven strategies. And we’re relentless in pursuing the results that matter to you.

Why We’re Different

At every step of the process – we’re obsessed with the finer details. From technical updates to data patterns and reporting, we go through everything with a fine-tooth comb.

Our team is vastly more skilled and experienced than our competitors, and we all collaborate across skill-sets on every project to ensure our solutions are the best they can be.

Being owner-run, our work ethic and results far exceed those of more traditional businesses. Good results for you, mean good results us – our reputations depend on it.

Owner-Run Approach

With Mickey Llew, you won’t only see the founders and directors when they’re trying to win your business. When you work with us, you’re working directly with the people who are implementing the solutions and delivering the results. Co-founders, David Jenkins and Chris Avery, personally work on every piece of business to ensure you get best-in-class service and the highest level of skill.


David Jenkins



With a background in IT engineering and software, David has experience in deploying digital marketing tactics across a broad range of industries.

“Results are everything. There can be no success in digital when tactics aren’t backed by deep knowledge and insight. We created Mickey Llew to provide companies in Africa with a world-class Google Search Partner.”

David occasionally binge-watches The Bachelor and wants to climb Kilimanjaro.


Christopher Avery



Chris studied Computer Science at Brighton University in the UK. He’s been building and designing websites since 2004, and found his niche in organic search strategy and implementation.

“Having a beautiful a website doesn’t matter if you’re not getting traffic and engagement. Search engine optimisation gives your digital properties purpose. For us, there’s nothing better than delivering results that grow businesses.”

Chris once finished third in a yo-yo competition.

How we Work

We will never sell you a one-size-fits-all solution – because no such thing should exist. Everything we suggest will be based on a thorough understanding of your business needs, unique path to purchase or conversion funnel, and your budget. Here’s how we tackle any new brief:


We want to know what success looks like to you. An increase in sales? Quality lead generation? Brand awareness or recall? Clarity of purpose helps us define the best tactics to get you results.

We do a deep dive into all the search data and available analytics to inform the solution we create – including the best platforms, keywords and ad formats, based on your budget.

We have a highly skilled team and put those skills to use – from solution modelling to implementation, analysis and reporting. We watch the results in real-time and make adjustments on the go.

We take learnings from every campaign and evolve our approach and tactics each month. We do this while being completely transparent about how media spend is used, down to the exact cost-per-click.

Clients we have Worked With

Mickey Llew is lucky to have an incredibly diverse client base which has given us valuable experience in different industries across continents and markets. Depending on our clients’ needs, we’re able to take the lead on projects and accounts when needed, or to complement other agencies, organisations, or internal teams.

Michelle Abrahams - Regent Insurance

“We have had great success working with the team from Mickey Llew. They are dynamic and they deliver.”


Matt Bouch - Team Sunday

David and the team at Mickey Llew have a way of distilling the complex and endless intricacies of SEO into a series of simple, and actionable steps. Steps that lead to results. Case in point, the Pizza Hut account, which the team single-handedly took from zero to hero, driving massive returns for the client. Reliable, personable, and honest, Mickey Llew are as good as they get.” 

Jodi Botha - Black Bag Consulting

“David and his team are awesome and a pleasure to work with. Switched on and results-focused. No need to look any further.”


Micheal King - Reprise Digital Africa

Working with Chris has been an absolute pleasure. He’s always willing to go the extra mile for clients. A work ethic like his is hard to find. Any business would be lucky to work with him.


Michelle Kelly - Windsor Telecom

Chris has vast expertise within SEO. He single-handedly set up the SEO on the newly designed Cell C website, ensuring optimal ranking and tracking. Chris is always keen to share his knowledge and is a pleasure to work with.


Lloyd Hardey - Apex Stretch Tents

Excellent company to partner with. They’ve given us exceptional results. A great group of guys who never commit without delivering.