“Having a beautiful a website doesn’t matter if you’re not getting traffic and engagement. Search engine optimisation gives your digital properties purpose. For us, there’s nothing better than delivering results that grow businesses.”- Chris Avery

Chris has perfected his craft at various global agencies since he started his career and with each one providing learnings that have formed the foundation that Mickey Llew is based on. He knew he could compete with what was being produced and presented in the industry, so he thought the only way of working the way he wanted was to adventure out on his own.

After meeting David Jenkins (the other co-founder of Mickey Llew) and realizing that they shared the same goals and objectives, they founded Mickey Llew. Their aligned passions for organic search have been the foundation of Mickey Llew’s growth and quality offering. 

 Currently, his role is focused on ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of innovation and development. This is achieved through rigorous testing and documentation exercises. 

He is committed to being at the forefront of organic search developments, given his long tenure in the industry he has come to appreciate how much search has changed and is still going to for years to come.

Case data and analysis ensure the strategies that are rolled out to clients are of exceptional quality and will produce the desired results. Chris is now working with some of the top brands in South Africa and abroad to bring the Mickey Llew craft to their organization. Perfection is what he strives for, and won’t settle for anything less regardless of the efforts required to obtain it. Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs