Organic Search Lead / Digital Analyst


“We’re able to find creative digital solutions that combine marketing theory, specialist digital expertise, monitoring and measurement that allow us to optimise and increase ROI. This is what keeps what we do interesting – it’s a state of constant learning.”- Jann Henderson

Jann Henderson is the Organic Search Lead and Digital Analyst for Mickey Llew. Her daily work duties are centered around growing the organic search division by managing different client portfolios and ensuring that the performance is high quality. With a bit of coffee by her side, she tackles her tasks. The focus is on holistically growing the digital offering, exploring how advancements in the digital space can support and be supported by what we do and offer our clients.

Jann’s Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing began eight years ago, and she has never looked back. Her experience includes lead generation, content strategy creation, mobile marketing strategies, digital strategies and in-depth experience in brand building for numerous brands in various industries.

Recently, Jann joined Mickey Llew to contribute to building our digital business offering while supporting or growth as a business. She continues to create value for our clients and contributes to allowing growth for Mickey Llew. “I’ve joined at such an exciting time – with the agency having lined up some really creative projects in the months to come.”

As Mickey Llew grows its client portfolio and engages in very creative projects, Jannplays a pivotal role in contributing value to the already established reputation of our company.

Jann considers herself fortunate to have worked in extremely rewarding environments and considers Mickey Llew as one of them. When she joined MickeyLlew, she was impressed by how everyone is focused on doing amazing work while not sacrificing culture and the creation of a healthy and happy environment. She is particularly excited about seeing positive results and in Analytics and from strategies.

“I love that digital marketing provides data that we can extract, simplify and interpret for our clients. I love that, within the digital environment, the more you dig the more you’re able to uncover.”

When she is not developing and executing Search Engine Optimisation strategies for clients, she is doing conversion rates and working on the technical SEO to be aligned with client needs.

Although Jann lives a very private life, her work speaks very loudly and highly of her.

“I am a person who savours my downtime spent with family and four-legged friends.”

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