We’ve made some (cool) new friends

MickeyLlew as an organization, as a team, as individuals, as pioneers that are passionate in every single thing we do, are very firm believers and totally embrace a best of breed approach. We may be a niche ‘little’ Digital Agency that is based in Johannesburg but we take on and delight the world.

We have never, as a business, been shy to partner with and work alongside other businesses with the same approach and work ethic, where there is a requirement for us to utilize skills due to overflow or just a need for specific skills we don’t posses, we seek to always work with and deliver the best of the best. To this end have done extensive work with The Bold Circle who are an App development and design agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Given the amount of time we’ve spent in one another’s boardrooms, offices and drinking one another’s coffee, this was inevitable, so we decided to formalize our working relationship and are very excited and proud to announce that they are official strategic partners of MickeyLLew.

We look forward to the projects and clients we’ll work together with and quality of work we able to bring to our respective customers through our bolstered value proposition.

For more information on services offered by The Bold Circle visit – www.theboldcircle.com

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