APPly yourself for increased customer engagement

The use and and value proposition of creating a app for your business can spread far and wide but of all the benefits on offer, none are as important as meaningful customer enagement.

There is no use repeating the statistics we already know about the growing mobile and digital market not just in South Africa but the world over. It’s a given that the digital consumer and market is currently very large and growing day by day. The question is how to get a slice of the action for your business.

Starting off simple is a bit of a cliche but the best advice for anyone looking to venture into this space. When we say simple that doesn’t mean the solution needs to be, but, the business goals and outputs you expect to achieve should be. Something as simple as wanting to be more engaged with your customer or the consumer in general is a great example of a simple goal that could require a complex solution.

Social media platforms are a great tool that you can use at ‘no cost’ to achieve this kind of engagement but combining some unique content (unavailable on other platforms), multimedia and possibly special offers within a uniquely development App or mobile responsive site, for your business can create a dialogue and relationship between you and your customer that you never knew existed. The possibilities with this new type of connection are endless but all should be driven by acquisition, retention and growing your wallet share with the customer. This keeps the objectives focused.

Connect with us and let’s explore the possibilities for your business in the Digital and App space.