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App Development Marketing April 20, 2016

We’ve made some (cool) new friends

MickeyLlew as an organization, as a team, as individuals, as pioneers that are passionate in every single thing we do, are very firm believers and totally embrace a best of breed approach. We may be a niche ‘little’ Digital Agency that is based in Johannesburg but we take on and delight the world. We have

App Development Digital April 14, 2016

How to find a good App development company in Johannesburg?

Everyone likes a winner.  I know I do (let’s be frank, it’s attractive).  The stark reality however, is that we live in a world where not everyone and not everything can be successful.  With the advent of mobile apps and the continuous technological advances trending virtually every second these days, the realm of digital media

Marketing March 3, 2016

SEO – Short, Simple and a little bit Sweet

There is no shortage of SEO writing, advisory and theoretical content available online, so whether we just suffering from a sense of FOMO or think we know better when it comes to SEO, I thought we’d share our sentiments in this regard, we are a digital marketing agency after all 😉 We well aware how deep one

App Branding Development Digital Web January 12, 2016

APPly yourself for increased customer engagement

The use and and value proposition of creating a app for your business can spread far and wide but of all the benefits on offer, none are as important as meaningful customer enagement. There is no use repeating the statistics we already know about the growing mobile and digital market not just in South Africa