Google Display Advertising and Remarketing

If your key objectives are brand awareness and drawing users into the journey toward conversion, display advertising and remarketing can be highly effective tools. Their efficacy, however, is very different to other paid media formats such as paid search.

The key difference comes down to the way in which users are exposed to these ads. Where paid search answers an immediate need for a consumer who is already searching for that particular solution, display ads and remarketing rather help create a want or a need that may not have been there before.

Google Display ads and remarketing ads can take on a number of formats, from large banners to carousel ads and subtle side-bars, they are shown across the web via the Google Display Network (GDN) and the Google AdSense platform. Millions of websites are part of this network, giving you access to a vast number of platforms on which to find, and follow your potential (and existing) customers.

Understanding the business and the consumer

These ad formats work best when careful attention is paid to exactly the type of business being advertised and how to speak to customers at the different stages of the path to purchase.

For example, using display advertising to sell a grudge-purchase like a new geyser or car battery may not work very well unless you’re advertising directly on the forums and platforms where someone whose geyser has just burst, or car battery has failed, may be looking for information. However, chances are, in cases like that, their first port of call is going to be a straightforward Google search for the nearest service provider.

On the other hand, businesses that sell services or high-end products with a longer path to purchase, can really benefit from the visibility and awareness display ads can create.

Benefits of display ads and remarketing

  • Familiarise potential customers with your brand
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Supports longer path to purchase and repeat purchase
  • Increases brand visibility online
  • Detailed user targeting and tracking
  • Ideal for e-commerce brands with visually appealing products
  • Great for awareness of special offers and launches

Understanding the path to purchase

Where paid search is highly effective at targeting users at the end of the path to purchase – when they’re ready to commit – display advertising is better suited to supporting the earlier awareness phase. Much like billboards, display ads serve the purpose of making potential customers aware of your brand, while remarketing reminds them of it.

The click-through rate on display ads and remarketing ads is actually comparatively low compared to Google Ads in paid search. But that’s okay – because their value lies in increasing brand visibility, awareness and recall. While slightly harder to measure, a strong display campaign can often indirectly result in an increase in direct site traffic and brand related searches.


Detailed targeting

Another benefit of display ads and remarketing is the various types of targeting they allow you to use such as contextual, behavioural, and interest-based. Remarketing looks at a user’s online behaviour and browsing history to deliver more personalised ads that are more likely to get them to come back to your site to complete a purchase or make another one based on what you already know they’re interested in.

Different target audience profiles can be created and used based on the different stages of the path to purchase. This allows for experimentation with different creative and messaging to find the right formula to move users closer to conversion.

Want to make your brand more visible in the online space? Want to expose new potential customers to your product offering? The Mickey Llew team would love to work with you to understand your business objectives and craft a display campaign that will work for you.