Programmatic and the future of digital marketing

Programmatic advertising has widely been tipped as the future of digital marketing. However, it’s highly technical nature makes it quite difficult for many businesses to understand and harness it. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

In the simplest terms, programmatic is the automation of key digital marketing functions. Using intelligent content, it can automatically rearrange and repurpose different elements in order to fit the specs of different ad formats. At the same time, it automates the bidding process to allow the dynamic purchase of ad space across the web – and all this happens in the few seconds (or milliseconds) it takes for a website to load.

To understand the benefits of this type of automation, just consider for a moment the many different digital ad formats you come into contact with as a user in your everyday online interactions. From the ads in the news articles you read when you wake up, to the ad you were served on Facebook while you were scrolling through your weekend updates, or the splash screen you saw as you launched an app. Every one of those ads has different size, copy and content specifications.

Manually creating ad collateral for all of the different available formats, and then also setting up and managing the specific budget and targeting parameters for all possible platforms can take a very long time and doesn’t leave much room for flexibility.

Programmatic, however, gives marketers the opportunity to reach users in completely different ways to the rigid traditional approach, with content automatically tailored to the user’s specific context, at a scale manual ad set up and management simply can’t match.

Benefits of programmatic marketing

  • Opens up more opportunities for ad placement
  • Reaches more users in a shorter space of time
  • Reduces complexity and admin around media buying
  • Greater individual targeting of users through precision data and personalisation
  • Greater customisation of ad content for the benefit of users

The right format, at the right time

Through programmatic, you are able to set up a highly targeted campaign based on parameters such as age, geo-location, gender, interests, browsing habits and history, with the added benefit of being able to serve content to the user in the right format, at the right time. This content can be customised based on the type of content the specific user is more likely to engage with.  It’s a far more dynamic and flexible process that uses new levels of precision targeting.

Balancing act

Based on your specific business goals and needs, the Mickey Llew paid media experts are able to guide you toward the best paid media strategy for your business. In most cases, this requires a custom mix of programmatic and manual ad strategy to ensure you’re seeing great ROI

Want to learn more about what programmatic advertising can do for your business? Our team has a wealth of experience in setting up and running various programmatic campaigns across industries and verticals.