SEO – Short, Simple and a little bit Sweet

There is no shortage of SEO writing, advisory and theoretical content available online, so whether we just suffering from a sense of FOMO or think we know better when it comes to SEO, I thought we’d share our sentiments in this regard, we are a digital marketing agency after all 😉

We well aware how deep one can delve into SEO and its technicalities (which we love) but that more advanced guidance is relevant once you have covered the bases as far as your sites SEO is concerned. This article then, isn’t aimed toward that user/business. Invariably, once you start with the basics, you’ll see the rewards and soon be joining the techies trying to squeeze every last bit of value out of your SEO Strategy or you advertising agency managing it.

So, the short, sweet and simple SEO guideline:

1. Start !

Review your website and make sure that you have your GA code (or other tags) embedded so you can track some basic metrics, setup your goals and have something tangible to measure. It is a really simple starting point where little to no harm can be done.

2. Audit your site

There are loads of free platforms that will help you out with detecting some of the basics errors you need to optimize or fix iron out. Making these simple tweaks to your site puts you in good stead for SEO domination.

3. Optimize your content for SEO

Make sure you have a good idea of what you specifically aiming to rank for from an SEO and business perspective (research, research, research) you can’t target a large volume of phrases and keywords and have an immediate SEO impact, rather be specific and consistent. Once you have this clearly defined, make sure all your content, whether it’s blog related, static page content or anything else, aligns to this, make SEO a cultural aspect of creating any content.

4. Repeat, Repeat and Repeat some more

The creation of content and constant monitoring, optimization and enhancing of one’s platform is where the long hours and leg work comes in that will deliver all the SEO rewards. There are some snazzy tips, tricks and just outright brilliant ideas we have in order to make sure your SEO position is no less than the infamous first page of Google. Connect with us so we can show you how.